Digitalize Your School

Website & mobile app development, integrated with a school management system software to help parents, teachers, students and school admin communicate better and automate manual processes.



Display information about your school on the front website for online visitors.


Allow parents track child’s progress, see information about child and also pay school fees on app.


Automate school’s manual and paper processes and deviate to cloud-base management to increase school’s productivity, save time and effort for management, parents and students.


The front website will represent your school online 24/7 for visitors seeking to know more about your school. 

Create avenue for prospective students to register for admission online.

Display the finest parts your school in pictures, the amazing students, teachers and classrooms etc., for online visitors.

The school website is a great platform to display information about your school like school fees, news, teachers etc., for parents and other online visitors

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is installed on the website to enable your school be visible on Google search.


 An intuitive application that is focused student/parent, so they can have access their school information on mobile. The aim is to not only enhance learning experience of the students, but also enrich the lives of parents so they can monitor their child academic activities.

Allow parents to see children’s information/performance like results, attendance, classes, homework, transportation route and driver details, etc,.

Allow parents make school fees payment online and also see pending school fees.

Allow students to submit assignments and homework online, attend live classes, see digital notice board, see class/exams timetable and a lot more !


The school management system is the software installed on the website/mobile app that allows school management automate school’s manual processes like 

The summary dashboard gives you of all activities in your school in one page.

View summary of total school fee received and pending fees, summary of all income and expenses, summary of all class attendance etc.

Add students and multiple documents to maintain complete student profile 

Collect fees online and offline on the management system.

Manage all school’s income and expenses to have a well documented record of your finances

Schedule exams, write exams online, view results online.

request demo to see how the system really works and download the demo app

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Why School Management System Software (SMSS)

Online Registration

Simplify student registration with online registration forms.

Admission & Enrollment

Achieve admission and enrollment targets with cloud base educational system

Subject Management

Create class subjects and track homework, assignments and exams in a conducive classroom environment

Paper-base Processes

Automating academic processes and maintaining records of attendance, fees, admissions, transport, etc,. will save time and reduce staff workload.

Teacher Evaluation

Student's feedback will measure teacher's performance in the classroom and automated evaluation process improves student learning skills, achievement and success.

Financial Management

Track and collect all fee payments, easily identify all pending payments and manage all expenses in an organized way.

Communication & Collaboration

Improve communication through instant notifications and alerts via email, SMS and push messages to keep the constituents informed at every step of the journey to build relationship and improve student retention.

Classroom Management Strategy

Improve classroom environment with discipline tracking and behavior management system to easily handle tardy students and uninformed absences.

Student Monitoring

Automate and streamline student attendance and absenteeism using student information system which delivers real-time status updates of student activities to support learning needs.

Online classes

Allow students attend online classes/lessons during holidays or situations where students cannot be physically present in school, (e.g during lockdown)

Transportation Management

Manage school vehicles/bus/van, routes and driver details

Hostel Management

Manage school hostel, rooms, beds for students.

Exams and Result Management

Allow students attend online classes/lessons during holidays or situations where students cannot be physically present in school, (e.g during lockdown)

Parent Monitoring

Allow parents see all children activities in single parent login panel. Parents can also pay school fees online, and download results in PDF.

Request Demo Presentation

Request for demo presentation to see how the front website, mobile app and school management system work.

Request for Demo Presentation...

Request for demo to see how the system works.